Born in London in 1974, Peter Marigold followed a path from sculpture at Central Saint Martins into theatrical and event scenography. This period was punctuated by a year spent in Brazil making and selling coconut radios. In 2005 he joined the Design Products (Platform Ten) course at the RCA under Ron Arad and since graduation has focused almost solely on furniture design. In 2007 he was awarded an Esmee Fairbairn bursary for his exhibition at the Design Museum in London and his subsequent show with the British Council as one of the ‘Great Brits' at the Milan Furniture Fair was followed by an invitation to create the ground floor installation for Paul Smith in Milan. Working with both galleries and manufacturers his work continues to be exhibited in both the UK and abroad including the Milan Furniture fair, Design Miami, Stavanger 2008 (Norway), and MoMA New York.

"As a child I was obsessed by the things I found in the street, small bits of plastic and metal, strange pieces of wood, springs, screws and light bulbs. I developed a strange posture, always looking down at the floor in case I missed something as I walked. I was driven by the idea of discovering something fundamentally unique in the environment, something secret that illuminated the basic nature of the material world - almost like looking at atoms through a lens. I hoarded these little objects in boxes, sometimes building models and toys out of them and this way of working has stayed with me ever since: at first through the use of found objects, and now by investigating the primitive building blocks of geometric forms that make up the world around us. I consider this process something like an ‘archaeology of ideas' : a process in which by digging (physically) inside a form or material, discoveries are made that throw new light on the object."

His MAKE/SHISHIFT storage units honour the lightness and improvisation which are the virtues of temporary living, while their fine hardware details express permanence and functional reliability.

Peter Marigold, designer of MAKE/SHIFT