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The SKYROOM OFFICE is a flexible office pod. A mobile room-in-room system which unfolds to create a temporary space and folds away when not in use.

Ideal as working pod and meeting pod or as privacy screen for open plan offices, workstations, trade fairs, events and other environments where flexible and temporary solutions are needed.

The modular system allows various combinations which allows the user to create different room concepts and room sizes

Each side can be folded up individually
- from a completely closed pod for privacy to a completely open canopy.


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The room unfolds from a flat canopy into a meeting cube (or workstation cube) cube and disappears again when not needed.


Where does it fit

Elegant, easy and fun to handle, SKYROOM OFFICE can be used in following interiors

  • Offices and open plan offices: as meeting pod or work pod: individual workstations when privacy is needed, temporary meeting rooms, presentation areas, think tanks, phone pods, retreat areas, office screening

  • Coworking spaces: as meeting pod or work pod

  • Events, exhibitions and fairs: meeting rooms, press areas, effective show presentations (e.g. unveiling of a new product), retreat areas

  • Hotels: retreat areas, meeting pod, pop-up rooms for various functions

  • Shops: foyers, dressing rooms, special collection presentations

  • Restaurants: privacy booths, catering areas

  • Other: museums, foyers, reception areas, banks, showrooms


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The playful lightness which underlies this system is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher.

2 in 1: A flexible work & meeting pod 

The Movisi SKYROOM was developed to improve the use of space in offices.

Whether you need a temporary workspace, meeting or retreat area, the SKYROOM OFFICE offers maximum flexibility and adapts to changing needs and requirements.

While common room-in-room solutions occupy a fixed area in the room, the SKYROOM OFFICE can be moved where required.

Thus, a meeting room only takes up valuable space when really needed.

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Use every square meter effectively

The problem:

According to a recent IPSOS study, one in three office workers feels that their work environment is stressful, and 59% of respondents find their workplace even less than inviting. Retreat opportunities for meetings and concentrated work are therefore important, especially in open offices.
Also, an average of 90 minutes a day on our productivity is lost through noise and factors that interfere with our work.

According to a Leesman study, 99% of people admitted that they get distracted from their work by noise or other conversations in the office.

The solution: 

The SKYROOM OFFICE enables a highly flexible use of space and adapts to the constantly changing working and space requirements. 

Rooms are created as needed and encourage teamwork, team spirit but also privacy for concentrated and undisrupted work when needed.

When folded, the SKYROOM OFFICE forms a kind of canopy which defines a pleasant area under one which one can meet, relax or have lunch with colleagues. The canopy acts as sound insulation and creates a pleasant sense of space even when folded. 



Nils Bennett in collaboration with Trickform 



  • Free standing version: with wooden frame (as shown in the pictures)

  • Hanging version: 4 point steel wire hanging system for suspension from the ceiling (excluding wooden frame)



Cube (internal dimensions of the room): 2,1 x 2,1 x 2,1 m. 
The module system allows various combinations which allows the user to create different room concepts and room sizes.

Skyroom Office Dimensions Movisi


Acoustic fabric

4 x fabric walls made from three-dimensional permanently flame retardant Trevira CS. Trevira CS fabric. Not only are the sound waves absorbed, they are also broken up with a positive impact on sound perception.

The Skyroom Office fabric is available in twenty different colours.

The fabric is also suitable for high-resolution digital printing.


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Skyroom Office Movisi acustic fabric digital print 

The fabric is also suitable for high-resolution digital printing. From logo to landscape - everything is possible.


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1 Skyroom office 2 pods orange detail w



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