Light and right

ARPRO EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is a wonderful new foam material that helps make furnishings more convenient and enjoyable. How? Well, first ARPRO EPP is incredibly lightweight for all the strength it provides. Now your furnishings don't have to be so difficult to move around.

Furniture made from ARPOR EPP is completely emission-free, toxin-free, odourless, allergy friendly and 100% recyclable.

When ARPRO is made, there is actually a positive impact because recycled CO2 is utilised. Importantly, ARPRO EPP is so environmentally friendly that it is actually approved for food contact.

You can hardly damage ARPRO EPP. Even if you were to bash it with a hammer, no worries. That's because ARPRO EPP contains billions of closed air cells that absorb the impact before returning to its original shape. Next, when you move it about Movisi furniture will not scratch even the finest hardwood floors or damage walls if you happen to bump them. This means that the material is also safe for children.

Cleaning instructions: Like water off a duck's back, ARPRO EPP fends off dirt, spills, stains of all sorts. Just wipe with damp cloth. It couldn't be easier. If you are really serious about cleanliness, in fact, you can sterilise the material with steam. Although ARPRO EPP generally reacts well to aggressive chemicals, it is advised to always clean using a water-dampened cloth with a mild detergent. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents.


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