A flexible screen divider for rooms

LINK is a freestanding, modular partitioning system, designed by PearsonLloyd, which features units, that link together to create freestanding mobile partitions and room dividers for different interior settings.


LINK flexible office pods workstation room divider partition Movisi PearsonLLoyd


Quick to build & quick to change

... unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses. The units can be arranged to form undulating or straight walls and are 100% recyclable, toxin-free, emission-free and allergy friendly.


LINK is quick and easy to install. No instructions, tools or expertise are required.

Fast setup: Italian brand Tecno spa uses LINK for the new Saint-Malo Mediatheque in France. 


LINK in the Science Gallery in Dublin, where it is used to create individual pods.

dividers wall movisi modular furniture for events and officesReduce costs and save resources

  • No tools or expertise required. 1 person can build it quickly.
  • No waste is generated (e.g. at your fair or event). Simply pack the units back into the boxes and reuse them in any other space.


An incredibly flexible and durable room divider

LINK works in the following environments:


reception, break out, informal meeting areas, pods.

Events, fairs and exhibitions

booths, shrouding walkways, creating temporary press or cafe areas.

Retail fitting

popup stores, shop displays, wall cladding, backdrops.


screen divider for room mediatheque saint malo Movisi cloison blanc


Technical Details

Material: ARPRO EPP (Expanded Polypropylene): a lightweight high-performance plastic foam which is 100% recyclable, emission- free, hypoallergenic, shock absorbing, extremely lightweight and therefore very easy to handle.

  • Size per LINK unit: W 288 mm x H 216 mm x D 120 mm (H 200 mm when linked).
    15 pcs of LINK are required to build a 1 square meter wall.
  • Weight: 200g /per unit
  • Colours: available in black and white. Other colours on demand: download the Movisi catalogue.
  • Design: PearsonLloyd
  • Manufactured in Germany


room divider for office Movisi modular futniture Link omages of offices

A modern white room divider: a flexible meeting pod created with 672 LINK units.


modular and flexible room divider Link movisi surface detail


wall partition event furniture easy to build movisi link pearsonlloyd

LINK - accentuated with a standard spotlight to create a illmunated organic wall.


Improved acoustics & privacy


office screen fair stand booth walls white gold Movisi modular furniture Link

You can add coloured " LINK filler plates" to close gaps in the open structure and create a more colourful interior to match your corporate colours.

The filler plates allow you to create a fully or partially closed screening. This can add an element of privacy and improve acoustic properties. You can close the enitre LINK wall or only parts of it, it’s all up to you.

The filler plates can be rearranged and removed anytime

Material: flat honeycomb cardboard structure, covered with a soft premium film with matt or glossy surface.

Colours: available in a various colours - please contact us to receive the colour swatch.
You can choose your preferred colour to match your corporate identity or simply add some colour to the screening.


Interior design projects

free standing office partition open plan systems Movisi images of offices Greygroup

The freestanding dividers wall creates this informal meeting pod that can be reconfigured anytime. Grey Group, Melbourne.


room divider modern diviseur meubles mediatheque saint malo 2

Screen dividers for rooms at Saint-Malo Mediatheque, France (Tecno). Create a reading zone and chillout area at Saint-Malo Mediatheque, France (Tecno).

room dividers mediatheque saint malo Movisi diviseur blanc

Screen divider for rooms at Saint-Malo Mediatheque, France (Tecno).

screen divider for room mediatheque saint malo Movisi diviseur blanc

Saint-Malo Mediatheque, France (Tecno).

furniture medical movisi modular furniture Link

LINK is easily set up by a one person and is the perfect solution for dividing open plan office and co work spaces.

screen divider for room movisi modular office furniture Movisi Link       co work spaces furniture movisi link flexible freestanding partition

Flexible partition for private press area and design of the bar and catering area.


LINK round screening pods partition black Movisi LDF 2018

LDF London Design Fair 2018, "Beyond the Chipper". Individual exhibition pods.
Exhibition concept: Ioana Lupascu

LINK round screening pods partition black Movisi LDF 2018


LINK screens pods partition black Movisi LDF 2018

LDF London Design Fair, "Beyond the Chipper". Individual exhibition pods.
Exhibition concept: Ioana Lupascu

 screen divider for room Movisi Link PearsonLLoyd

Designing a booth for a trade show.
LINK is a free standing office partition which is also used to create great looking trade show backdrops.


room dividers Movisi Link how to partition a big hall

How to partition a big hall.

freestanding wall partition blue movisi modular furniture link                furniture for startups flexible office movisi link

Design Fair London, UK. Designing a booth for a trade show.


bar design British Fashion Awards Swarovski movisi modular furniture       black furniture display event catering background curtain modular furniture Movisi

British Fashion Awards, with Swarovski, London. Free standing temporary walls.

room dividers Movisi Link partition a big hall create conference room ICFF Movisi

Project: ICFF, New York. Big freestanding temporary meeting room, created to host conferences during the fair.

 phone booth for office and call pods Movisi Link

Phone booth for offices or privacy pods for waiting areas, events and fairs. LINK will always adapt to your needs.

double deks exhibiton multifunctional furniture booth design movisi

Designing a booth for a trade show: the exhibition stand is entirely designed with LINK, by CADAM solutions AG, Switzerland

curved wall partition shrouding walkways Movisi event furniture BMW

Shrouding walkways: create a curved wall for BMW's model 7 presentation.

stage design walls with light event furniture backdrop Movisi modular partition furniture

LINK helps you to design creative spaces, events and exhibitions.

curved walls event furniture backdrops Movisi modular room divider          call pods for office workplace design Movisi Science gallery dublin


designing a booth for a trade show custom walls movisi 

This modular furniture system lets you design your own individual trade fair booth that will always set you apart from the rest, while reducing costs for building the stand: no special staff needed to build the stand, quickly installed, no waste is generated before and after the fair. Simply pack the lightweight modules back in the box and reuse them for a differnet interior setting.


partition wall for office Movisi Link images of offices

 A modern black room divider: a round meeting pod created with 756 LINK units. Ideal for creative offices and open plan offices.

pods for offices movisi modular furniture for offices

 Round office pods and curved walls.

 office wall partition modular furniture Movisi Link

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