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Design your custom home office and workspace with modular furniture systems that you can build and change in minutes and without any tools.

At Movisi we manufacture modular furniture systems which are light, flexible and easier to set up than Lego.

One element a million possibilities - Movisi's modular and multifunctional furniture collection includes shelving,  mobile office partitions, freestanding room dividers and modular seating systems.
Our aim is to offer you the maximum creativity when it comes to designing modern and agile offices and workspaces, trade fair booths, events, retail shops and other environments where flexible or temporary solutions are needed.

We care about the environment: our furniture is 100% recyclable, toxin-free, emission-free and 100% made in Germany.
We are committed to using safe, proven and sustainable supplies. Movisi furniture does not contain any harmful toxins.

"Thanks for being a breath of fresh air in design!" Fred W, New York

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