Modular shelving & storage solutions, room dividers for home offices and workplaces

Freestanding shelves, floating shelves, flexible room dividers, moveable room-in-room solutions

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U-CUBE - multifunctional furniture system

U Cube office isle movisi partition c


BUILD - organic modular shelving system

modular office furniture room divider freestanding partition screens bookshelf Movisi



Partition screens, room dividers and office pods for home offices, workplaces, events and fairs

Freestanding office partition, flexible room dividers, moveable room-in-room solutions


LINK partition - flexible office screen /office booth / office pod


furniture medical movisi modular furniture Link



SKYROOM OFFICE - flexible office booth / work pod / meeting pod


Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible mobile workspace meeting pod 1



Skyroom Mosquito - origami folding mosquito net canopy

Skyroom Moskito Movisi big mosquito net baldachin loft furniture 2



U-CUBE - multifunctional office furniture system

U Cube modular flexibel office partition wall movisi b



Modular seating, benches, chairs and tables for home office, workplaces, events and fairs



Q-COUCH -  extendable office bench

modulare sofas modul moebel buero moebel schwarz weiss movisi Q COUCH



DREAM - a desk transforms into a window seat




U-CUBE - multifunctional furniture system

U CUBE modular office seating bench flexible movisi



MOIRE CHAIR - designer stacking chair

Moire schwarzer design stuhl stapelbar Movisi modulare moebel ton haas


CORAL CHAIR - outdoor stacking chair


Reef Chair white 1 Movisi



Home and office accessories


TEARS OFF - creative wallpaper

Tears Off wallpaper movisi 5

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