Check out our video for a glimpse of the many possibilities BUILD can bring into your life. 


A flexible, multifunctional and adaptable shelving system

As shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs.

A single modular element is the essence of this lightweight shelving, and an endless variety of configurations and forms can be constructed by using it.
You can get even more creative by giving BUILD new functions. An individual element can perfectly double as transport box or seating.

Easy to build

BUILD is installed and reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units,  anywhere.
No instructions, no tools - we promise!

Sustainable furniture

BUILD is toxin-free, emission-free, odorless, allergy friendly and 100% recyclable.
BUILD consists of 95% air and contains only 5% material (PP). It thus saves 95% of material and consequently reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during transport. It is made from a single-grade material and is therefore very easy to recycle.


wall ledges and shelves floating shelves for living room Movisi Build
Hanging wall shelves - BUILD is easily mounted on the wall.


modular displays for trade shows modular furniture shelving system Movisi
Display shelving for interior shop design: StuttgARTfactory,  boutique and design store.


modular office furniture room divider freestanding partition screens bookshelf Movisi
 Freestanding office partition and room divider shelves for Desteq, Netherlands


Modular furniture that adapts to your needs

Flexible, mobile and multifunctional furniture: BUILD is easy to install and can be reconfigured in minutes, which means that you can give your home or office a new look or function anytime. 

storage bookcases and standing shelves modular furniture Movisi
When moving home, the BUILD shelving is easily disassembled, your belongings are instantly packed and ready to move. Each unit stacks on top of another, locking securely in space.


Design your individual bookcase or room divider with our 3d shelf configurator

Design and order your made-to-measure BUILD modular shelving with our 3d online configurator.

BUILD 3d shelving configurator onlein shop


Add colored acoustic inlay panels and lids to customize your furniture and to improve acoustics

To customize your shelving even more, specially developed acoustic inlay panels and lids can be added to your shelving or room divider. The decorative acoustic inlay panels and lids in an upcycled, felt-like material lends high-end design aesthetics to any space.

BUILD acoustic panels
BUILD open shelving units with front lids in blue and brown colour.


BUILD acoustic shelving storage colored doors
BUILD your custom acoustic storage and shelving with magnetic front lids in various colors. 


BUILD acoustic panels     
Picture (left):  Freestanding BUILD wall shelving with front white and grey front lids. Picture (right): Wall mounted BUILD shelves with inlay panels in multicolor.


Picture (left):  Detail of 3 "back lids" at the rear side of the BUILD shelves where the clips are used.  Picture (right):  Freestanding BUILD shelving with front lids and back lids in grey, black and green colors.


BUILD lids for back of shelves
The lids come with pre-installed magnets.


The felt-like sound absorbers are available in 12 curated colors, developed by London trend scouts Colour Hive™.

Our acoustic lids and inlay panels can also be used as pinboards, making them ideal for creative teams.‎

Fire classification B- s1,d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1.


Movisi Sonic acoustic panels

These high-performance, sustainable sound absorber panels made from recycled plastic bottles. The material is Cradle to Cradle and LEED certified. Download MOVISI SONIC Data Sheet

The origin of the PET fibers is certified by an independent institute and we are proud to have partnered with Impact Acoustic from Switzerland - the only material manufacturer on the market who can trace 100% of their raw material.



The bookcase that grows with you

Each BUILD unit is identical, allowing you to extend the system by adding units as you move into bigger houses, buy more books, DVDs etc.

White honeycomb shelves that grow as your needs change.


These honeycomb shelves are always in line

You can arrange the shelving units to keep all shelves horizontal and at the same height.
extendable shelves modular furniture Movisi bookcase Build


Versatile furniture design

With its unique design and ability to be changed instantly, BUILD provides a beautiful and flexible interior solution. Here are a few ways you can use BUILD:

  • bookcases and standing shelves

  • display shelves

  • wall rack or hanging rack

  • freestanding room divider, office screen and partition

  • temporary seating /low table

  • transport box: to carry documents to the office or pack your grocery shopping or keep your drinks cool (thermal insulation)

  • storage box (stows away safely and compactly when unused)

  • come up with your own unique uses for BUILD


Honeycomb floating shelves

The shelves can wall mounted by using the supplied clips. In this case, you will need to screw the clip into the wall.

BCM Mallorca white wall shelvesBCM Mallorca - the hexagon shaped BUILD units are used as decorative wall shelves behind the bar counters. 


BCM Mallorca interior white shelf on the wallBCM Mallorca: new interior design 2022. White modular shelves (with back) as a contrast to the dark wall. Simple LED lights are used to create changing and adaptable light effects.


A visually appealing indoor plant wall shelf featuring black shelves by Movisi.

A visually appealing indoor plant wall shelf featuring black shelves by Movisi.


A stylish indoor plant wall shelf with black shelves by Movisi.

A stylish indoor plant wall shelf with black shelves by Movisi.


Movisi wall ledges and shelves build modular shelves


wall shelves and ledges modular shelving system movisi white bookcase Build     wall mounted shelves modular white bookshelf Movisi Build

wall ledges and shelves open shelves black modular furniture Movisi Build     wall mounted display case white floating shelves MeloMelo Kavabar Movisi Build
White open shelves for a modern and eye-catching bar counter design. MeloMelo Kavabar, Berkeley, USA


Wall shelving idea for a modern living room: made with 12 black open shelving units. Interior design concept by Planolight.



Interior design, shelving design ideas, room divider ideas


BUILD freestanding shelving and room divider for Remy Martin and MIchelin eventBlack open BUILD shelving modules were used to create a stylish partition wall at the Michelin 2023 Awards held at the Silverstone Formula 1 race circuit.

The wall served both functional and aesthetic purposes, providing a sleek division while showcasing the versatility of the shelving system.

freestanding partiton display Stands design Remy Martin Michelin creative space solutionsThis elegant interior design solution was brought to life by W3 Design, a UK-based company known for their innovative solutions in the exhibition and event industry.


wall mounted display case modular event furniture Mariott black shelves Movisi Build
Black display shelving for catering events. Anaheim Marriott, California, USA


18 black BUILD wall bookcases. Project: Somoskői turistaház, Hungary. Agency: Barth Interior Design Decor / Zsuzsanna Barth Interior designer and Anna Vörös designer. 


office furniture store Movisi modular furniture shelving system


office furniture for the home Movisi modular furniture office shelving system


event furniture BMW modular free standing room divider honeycomb shelves Movisi
BMW i8 Launch - Munich. Agency Wolf-Production GmbH (shelving BMW event)


Black room divider shelves, modular and freestanding display shelving by Movisi

Custom room divider: black partition wall and display shelving with black front lids and back lids - an elegant, freestanding room divider at Citywellness in Toronto.


modular shelving home office interior Movisi modular shelved wall sustainable furniture Oopenspace b
Modular office shelving at furniture retailer @Oopenspace in Perth, Australia


display shelves for retail stores shops and exhibitions Movisi modular modern furniture
White hexagon shelves mixed with black hexagon shelves at BASF Designfabrik Ludwigshafen



displays for trade shows modular mobile freestanding furniture Movisi
Design exhibition UNITS, Sparda Bank (photography Stephan Kube)



BUILD black hexagon shelves
The black hexagon shelves are used as a decorative, freestanding room divider wall and shelving.



bookcases and standing white shelves for retail shelving bookstore UN
BUILD modular shelving units used as display shelves at the United Nations bookshop in New York (photography Lindsey Thoeng, UN photo)


 BCM Mallorca interior white shelf on the wallBCM Mallorca interior design with light honeycomb BUILD shelves at the bar areas.


BCM Mallorca bar modular honeycomb floating shelves with white LED lightBCM Mallorca cocktail bar: modular honeycomb floating shelves with white LED light.


Wine shelving - an extendable wine rack

wine rack on wall wall mounted flexible interior modular shelving partition Movisi Build       modulares weinregal system Movisi Glaser Nordheim
Wine shelving, wine rack display and room divider for Winery Glaser in Nordheim, Germany. The wine shelves are insulating and can also be used in cooled or humid storage spaces.


Furniture that you can use outside

BUILD has insulating properties. It will cool your drinks and your hot snack warm.
BUILD is waterproof, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.

You can use BUILD outdoors, but it is not recommended for continuous exposure to UV light, due to the nature of the polymer it is made from. After continuous exposure for months to direct sunlight outside, there may be a change in the apparent colour of the furniture. We suggest that it is removed from direct sunlight (outdoors) when not in use.  


Portable storage and transport box

When you have to work from home, you can use BUILD to bring documents from or to the office.
One BUILD unit only weighs 1.5 lbs (750 g). That's like carrying a couple of Coca-Cola cans.  

 storage seating shelving storage system shelving movisi build          storage for kids toys storage system shelving movisi build


Need some extra seating?

As modular book shelving, BUILD is a place for your everyday objects. Turn the units around, and they will become a set of stools - perfect for when guests arrive at home, and you need some extra seating.    


From shelving to freestanding partition

BUILD can also be used to create free-standing partitions and room dividers for different interior settings.


reception areas modular furniture shelved wall black design Movisi Build
40 BUILD shelving units, black hexagon shelves form an organic shape


architectural interiors modular furniture Movisi Build
Efficient apartment:  modular room divider and shelving for the sustainable apartment project of architect Kevin Chu in Hong Kong

efficient apartments BUILD beehive honeycomb shelving room divider architectural interiors


Ideal furniture for pop-up stores, open-plan offices and home offices

BUILD is also suited to the contract market, where its design will lend itself to pop-up stores, rented offices and frequent workplace re-designs (incl. co-working spaces) and events.


Build modular office shelving Movisi beehive shelving modules

    modular retail shelving pop up store furniture Movisi build modular shelving b
Left: office screen, which also serves as an eye-catching furniture sculpture for Monolicht, Switzerland.
Right: display shelves for pop up shops and retail stores


Easy to install DIY honeycomb shelves

It can't be easier. BUILD is supplied with special clips. Use them to hold the shelves in place or mount them on the wall (in this case you will need to drill a hole and use a screwdriver to fix the clips). No sweating, no instructions and no tools - we promise!

This modular shelving system is designed to offer you maximum design freedom and lets you build your own DIY honeycomb shelves combination.


modular shelving connectors fixation movisi build   Tools free assembly - goodbye Allen key!


Easy to clean & waterproof furniture

BUILD is easy to maintain. It is waterproof and resistant to chemicals and bacteria. And if you happen to spill some wine over it - no worries - just wipe it with a damp cloth.

easy to clean waterproof funriture kitchen shelves movisi build

       waterproof furniture flood proof furniture movisi modular shelving light 


Black and white hexagon shelves

Available in 2 colors and 2 versions which can be mixed and matched.

  • 2 colors: black / white

  • 2 versions: with back (closed) / without back (open)

Build modular shelves by Movisi beehive shelving modules


Made with sustainable materials

BUILD is made with 100% recyclable and toxin-free ARPRO Expanded Polypropylene, It is allergy friendly, toxin-free, emission-free, highly versatile and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. The material is waterproof and resistant to chemicals and.


Surface technology

BUILD comes with a textured, silky surface.

white bookcases and standing shelves Movisi modular furniture        Surface Build modular shelving furniture by Movisi


Ultralight furniture with maximum strength

Lightweight modular furniture, made with 95% air and 5% PP

Weight: 750 g / 1.6 lbs per unit.

You can hardly damage BUILD. As it is made from ARPRO EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), a shock absorbing material, you don't need to worry about injuries from bumping into it or damages from dropping it on the floor. Next, when you move it about, BUILD will not scratch even the finest hardwood floors.

Incredibly light - this makes it easy for you to lift and move it around anytime on your own, no matter what age you are. Incredibly strong - completely toxin-free and shock absorbing. No one can get hurt or injured.


Design your own shelving configuration

BUILD is designed to inspire creativity. Freestanding or mounted on the wall, it's all up to you. You can come up with your own sculptural installation or discover new uses in a space where ordinary furniture remains motionless and boring.

Try our online shelving configurator now!

shelves for living room Movisi modular shelving white bookcases          black modular shelving sideboard lowboard Movisi office furniture for the home

White open shelving design at Neatnest and Studio Base in Tokyo, Japan.


Dimensions & weight

External dimension (mm): 520 x 385 x D 290* 
* (D 303 mm when closed version with back)

Internal dimension in mm: 425 x 315 x D 290

Weight per unit:  approx. 700-750g / 1.5 lbs

bookcases and standing shelves Movisi modular furniture dimensions Build

Material: ARPRO EPP     

Download the movisi CATALOGUE

Design: Jack Godfrey Wood & Tom Ballhatchet

For even more info, please visit www.hellobuild.com


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