HUSH acoustic wall panels


HUSH acoustic wall panels: Color your vibes

MOVISI’s HUSH acoustic panels are a designer solution to the common issue of workplace sound mitigation. Made from MOVISI SONIC, a material produced in the promotion of sustainable practices, these compelling panels add to workplace aesthetics while meeting standards in soil, water, and air quality. 

All too often, today’s open concept office acts as a grand stage for ambient noise. Crucial to this modern office design is collaborative spaces, where a few good heads can come together, and private spaces, where solo work or phone conversations can be carried out. This type of modular office is pinnacle in MOVISI’s raison d’être. Our newest additions, HUSH panels in 11 eye-catching hues, answer the need for controlling noise levels in a space with variable use – making sound work on a large scale.

Fire classification B- s1,d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1.

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HUSH acoustic wall panels in office

Here at MOVISI we’ve opened up the secret to designing for today’s fastest business models: modularity. As a businessperson in the 21st century, you demand furniture that transitions with you in your pursuits. Believe us, we live it! 

Only here will you find the appealing HUSH acoustic panels selection of color-fast hues, at once natural and futuristic. You can create and order your custom configuration directly in our online shop 

HUSH acoustic wall panels


HUSH acoustic wall panels


A beautiful acoustic solution for offices, public spaces and private homes

A well thought-out workplace tackles the challenge head on, preserving the open concept while alleviating sound distraction. The HUSH acoustic panels honor the iconic MOVISI aesthetic of clean, organic lines, here directly modeled on our BUILD shelving system. The artistic honeycomb shape in an upcycled, felt-like material lends high-end design aesthetics to any space. Drawing colors from the natural world and high-end design, it’s simple to find a scheme to fit your brand.

Truly the future of acoustics, the HUSH panels play to all the senses. Made of an upcycled, felt-like material, these panels play to sight, hearing, and touch. Such all-in-one design fits MOVISI’s guiding principles of modularity, a fresh look, and efficacy. These panels are even sturdy enough to be used as seat cushions for BUILD, embodying our flexible use mantra.  


HUSH acoustic wall panels



HUSH acoustic wall panels


Cradle-to-cradle and LEED certified

As for the material, our MOVISI SONIC is a construction of upcycled plastic bottles (PET, minimum post-consumer content 60%) that are felted and heat-bound in a special process, eliminating the need for glue or additives. This innovative material is LEED accredited and Cradle to Cradle certified, denoting our manufacturing process as striving for optimum air and water stewardship, social equity, and recycling efforts. As it now stands, the HUSH material is being tested for post-consumer use in the building sector, where it can be cut into planks for durable, sustainable construction. 

The origin of the PET fibers is certified by an independent institute, and we are proud to have partnered with Impact Acoustic from Switzerland - the only material manufacturer on the market who can trace 100% of their raw material.


HUSH acoustic wall panels


HUSH acoustic wall panels


Easy to install - HUSH acoustic wall panels come with self adhesive magnets

And is it easy to install? When you order your HUSH system, it will arrive with pre-installed self-adhesive magnets and a triangular spacing tool to aid consistent placement on walls.


Easy to maintain acoustic wall panels

Its through-dyed fibers make the MOVISI HUSH acoustic panels well suited to brilliant, color-fast shades that don’t pale with usage or even aggressive cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, this MOVISI SONIC material is naturally antimicrobial but can be cleaned with just about anything, although due to the odor of some cleaning solutions that might linger in the open, we recommend a fast-evaporating alcohol-based cleaner. So color your workplace vibes with MOVISI HUSH acoustic panels without worrying about germs, your go-to for designer sound solutions.


HUSH wall panels are available in selected 11 colors 

HUSH acoustic wall panels

The HUSH acoustic panels can also be used as pinboards, making them ideal for creative teamwork in offices and home offices.‎


Movisi Sonic colors




Colors and acoustic properties

Download MOVISI SONIC Data Sheet

Dimensions and setup

So what are the details? MOVISI HUSH acoustic panels are 12 mm-thick and meant to be wall-mounted with the included 4 mm-thick magnets. What results is a buffering zone between wall and panel, key for its acoustic properties. The magnet system, of course, also facilitates flexible use: It’s a lark to remove the panels to use as seating and re-adhere them as needed. 

HUSH acoustic wall panels dimensions


For inquiries and offers, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HUSH acoustic wall panels


HUSH acoustic wall panels

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