Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible mobile workspace meeting pod 1


A flexible and mobile office pod for agile workspaces

The SKYROOM OFFICE is a moveable room-in-room system which unfolds to create a temporary space and folds away when not in use.

Ideal as working pod and meeting pod or as privacy screen for open plan offices, workstations, trade fairs, events and other environments where flexible and temporary solutions are needed.

The modular system allows various combinations which allows the user to create different room concepts and room sizesEach side can be folded up individually - from a completely closed pod for privacy to a completely open canopy.

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Skyroom office pod Movisi an2w

The room unfolds from a flat canopy into a meeting cube (or workstation cube) cube and disappears again when not needed.


Where does the mobile office pod fit?

Elegant, easy and fun to handle, SKYROOM OFFICE can be used in following interiors

  • Offices and open plan offices: as meeting pod or work pod: individual workstations when privacy is needed, temporary meeting rooms, presentation areas, think tanks, phone pods, retreat areas, office screening

  • Coworking spaces: as meeting pod or work pod

  • Events, exhibitions and fairs: meeting rooms, press areas, effective show presentations (e.g. unveiling of a new product), retreat areas, retreat areas, meeting pod, pop-up rooms for various functions

  • Shops: foyers, dressing rooms, special collection presentations

  • Restaurants: privacy booths, catering areas

  • Other: museums, foyers, reception areas, banks, showrooms


Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 3

The playful lightness which underlies this system is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher.


2 in 1: A flexible work & meeting pod 

The MOVISI SKYROOM was developed to improve the use of space in offices.

Whether you need a temporary workspace, meeting or retreat area, the SKYROOM OFFICE offers maximum flexibility and adapts to changing needs and requirements.

While common room-in-room solutions occupy a fixed area in the room, the SKYROOM OFFICE can be moved where required.

Thus, a meeting room only takes up valuable space when really needed.

 Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 2


Efficient use of office space

The problem:
According to a recent IPSOS study, one in three office workers feels that their work environment is stressful, and 59% of respondents find their workplace even less than inviting. Retreat opportunities for meetings and concentrated work are therefore important, especially in open offices.
Also, an average of 90 minutes a day on our productivity is lost through noise and factors that interfere with our work.

According to a Leesman study, 99% of people admitted that they get distracted from their work by noise or other conversations in the office.

The solution: The SKYROOM OFFICE enables a highly flexible use of space and adapts to the constantly changing working and space requirements.

Rooms are created as needed and encourage teamwork, team spirit but also privacy for concentrated and undisrupted work when needed.

When folded, the SKYROOM OFFICE forms a kind of canopy which defines a pleasant area under one which one can meet, relax or have lunch with colleagues. The canopy acts as sound insulation and creates a pleasant sense of space even when folded. 


Acoustic fabric for improved office accoustic

4 x fabric walls made from three-dimensional permanently flame retardant Trevira CS. Trevira CS fabric. Not only are the sound waves absorbed, they are also broken up with a positive impact on sound perception.

The Skyroom Office fabric is available in twenty different colour combinations.
The fabric is also suitable for high-resolution digital printing.

Skyroom Office Movisi acustic fabric blue grey

Skyroom Office Movisi acustic fabric digital print       Skyroom Office Movisi fabric colours w

The fabric is also suitable for high-resolution digital printing. From logo to landscape - everything is possible.

For enquiries and offers, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nils Bennett in collaboration with Trickform 


Available in 2 versions

  • Free standing version: with wooden frame (as shown in the pictures)
  • Hanging version: 4 point steel wire hanging system for suspension from the ceiling (excluding wooden frame)


Dimensions and setup

Cube (internal dimensions of the room): 2,1 x 2,1 x 2,1 m. 
The module system allows various combinations which allows the user to create different room concepts and room sizes.


Skyroom Office Dimensions Movisi



Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 4a


Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 4b


Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 4c


Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 4d


Skyroom Office Movisi office flexible workspace meeting pod 4e

 For enquiries and offers, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Movisi modular office furniture cubes

Office shelving, room divider or seating?
You cube it!

This modular system builds up on one single element allowing you endless configurations and the possibility to easily alter an interior according to your changing needs.


 1 U CUBE Regale und Raumteiler Bro 1


Watch the video and explore what the U-CUBE system offers you and your project.


Easy to install

It can't be easier. The connectors are simply pressed into the main modules. No tools or expertise needed.

U CUBE Movisi modulares regal und raumteiler weiss schwarz modularmoebel

Assembly is simple and tools-free with the modular connectors.

modulare moebel regal raumtrenner kubus lowboard Movisi U cube modular furniture w


Modular shelf connectors

u CUBE 2 components movisi modular

The modular connectors are simply pressed into the main modules.


Modulare mobel regal konfigurator weisser raumteiler movisi

Not just a cube: there are various ways to assemble U-CUBE.


Modulare mobel schmale regale konfigurator weisser raumteiler movisi


Designed in Paris. Manufactured in Germany.


U CUBE Movisi Schallplattenregal und Lowboard Wohnzimmerregal schwarz weiss modularmoebel 1


 U cube surface movisi



Colour & touch 

Mix and match black and white of all components to get your own unique look. The organically shaped modules come with a diamond-like fabric pattern.


U Cube Surface 2000



Maximum flexibility

U-CUBE offers an easy way to create beautiful and functional interior settings that will transform your home or office into something extraordinary. You can create entire rooms with U-CUBE without having fixed or permanent installations.

From shelving to seating to partition, U-CUBE adapts to any environment, whether that’s your home, office, retail store, trade fair booth or studio. 


Modular partitions and room dividers for offices flexible room diders workplace open plan design movisi

Flexible spaces: Dividing rooms has never been so easy: U-CUBE modules can also be stacked vertically to create closed wall partitioning with improved acoustics. Perfect for meeting areas and workspaces in open plan offices and home offices.


U Cube modular flexibel office partition wall movisi b

Black and white office screen made from 61 modules.


cube furniture modular shelving and open office design partition micro architecture movisi

Create flexible break-out areas and informal conference or meeting spaces where people can meet, work or just take a break.



U-CUBE has been designed as a lightweight modular system of only 2 components - the main module and the connectors and offers specifiers and design lovers a single product which is adaptable to any interior environment. Also,the modules are supplied with U-clips, allowing you to secure the shelving rows vertically.

U-CUBE is 100% sustainable, each piece lighter than a loaf of bread and requires no assembly tools.


Unleash the interior designer inside you

  • Flexible and versatile - here are a few ways you can use U-CUBE:

  • freestanding shelving / storage / bookcase / vinyl storage (upt o 120 vinyl records per cube)

  • wall mounted shelving or display

  • office, booth, office pod, meeting pod

  • freestanding partition / room divider / wall / workstation screen

  • room-in-room installation / breakout / informal meeting areas

  • stool, seating, bench

  • bars and counters, side table

  • creative reception desk

  • shop furnishings and retail display

  • wellness furniture: waterproof, toxic-free, bacteria and fungi resistant<

  • furniture for children

  • come up with your own unique usesU Cube office isle movisi partition c

A Multipurpose furniture system: the system lets you create entire rooms and landscapes offering multiple functions
The configuration above is made from 252 modules (126 modules for each side).


U CUBE modular office seating bench flexible movisiU CUBE bench black and white b stripes

U-CUBE system lets you create benches and seating isles and change them anytime.


 U CUBE Movisi flexible modular furniture office shelving

Maximum flexibility: from office sideboard (left), to seating, to partition and book shelving.


Floating shelves

U-CUBE can also be mounted on the wall.

Floating wall shelves: The supports remain invisible. You can mount the shelf modules on the wall by using special wall fixations, which are obtainable from Movisi. When mounting to the wall, you will need to insert the screws into the back of your U-CUBE modules. 


 floating kitchen shelves modular furniture wall shelving movisi u cube

 U-CUBE is waterproof and antibacterial, making it the perfect piece of furniture for your kitchen or bathroom.


modular customisable wall shelves Movisi living room design cube furniture green wall

Use single cubes as seating and to store magazines and books.


Cube modular and flexible floating shelves and wall shelves Movisi living room design


Enter into the a world of lightness

U-CUBE is made from Movisi’s signature high-performance plastic foam known as ARPRO EPP (Expanded Polypropylene).
The material is strong and sturdy, yet extremely light (95% air, 5% PP) so you can change and move it easily anytime. Modularity just got lighter.

  • Incredibly light
    A module only weighs 400g. No heavy lifting anymore. Easy to install.

  • Easy to install
    No tools or know-how needed. We promise.

  • Ultra durable
    No sharp edges. Shock absorbing. You don't need to worry about injuries from bumping into it or damages from dropping it on the floor.

  • Eco friendly
    Utilising only one single material to make the product: ARPRO EPP, a 100% recyclable plastic foam, which is free of harmful substances and emission free, hypoallergenic and even food approved.

Shelf dimensions

Dimensions  are in mm.

            16 Kubus Regal Mae U Cube Movisi

  U CUBE modular cube furniture dimensions Movisi w

U CUBE micro architecture modular furniture movisi dimensions

Get creative!

flexible modular furniture partition trade fair booth design quick movisi    modular furniture for shops and retail stores shelves movisi cube

Offices and trade fair booths: high tables can be created by just creating two rows. Easy.

U-CUBE is a flexible furniture display shelving solution for shops: from retail stores to popup stores. Easy and quick to install.


modular cube funriture room divider divider wall for bedroom movisi ucube    modular cube funriture partition divider wall for bedroom movisi ucube

At home: U-CUBE modular partition in black used to separate the sleeping area.

modular bedrrom shelves shelving black design funriture partition movisi cube    GROW wall mounted shelves3

Versatile bedroom furniture with various functions: U-CUBE modular partition in black: Freestanding bookshelves, a bench and a bedside table.



Marine Peyre in collaboration with Trickform.



All modules and connectors can be mixed and martched.

Main module: available in black and white
Modular connectors: available in black and white

Online shop



Lowboard weiss tv moebel modulare moebel U CUBE Movisi 16 module XL


Schallplattenregal Lp regal. vinyl record storage u cube movisi detail 2b      Schallplattenregal weisses Lp regal. vinyl record storage u cube movisi 16 module D

U CUBE modular black sideboard modulare moebel furniture Movisi       U CUBE modular weiss sideboard modulare moebel furniture Movisi 32 module XL

 U CUBE modulare buecherregale schwarz regalsystem Movisi     U CUBE modulare buecherregale weiss regalsystem Movisi 48 module 2 c XL

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Movisi Dream window seat 500px


A window desk turns into a window seat

Who doesn’t dream of a window seat where one cozy up to the window, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a book or simply sit and gaze out of the window? If you have a window that you love, you can simply place the DREAM window seat beneath. 
No need to make changes to your interior and therefore perfect also for rented offices and apartments, big or small.

Dream window table bureau black black Movisi 2000px

Dream window desk clean bauhaus Movisi 2000


Dream window seat no upholstery remove Movisi 2000px


A flexible and versatile window seat

This comfortable seat transforms into a desk in a matter of seconds.
Simply remove the backrest and the cushions.

Dream window seat Movisi reading seat 2000px


Dream window seat Movisi music seat 2 2000


Dream window seat Movisi music seat 1 2000px

 Movisi Dream window table 500px


Customisable desk

Choose the colours of the inlay stripes, the cushions and the powder coated steel frame.Dream window table black colour stripes below Movisi 2000

Dream window table black white Movisi 2000px

Picture above: black metal frame with white inlay stripes.


Dream desk green inlays Movisi 2000

 Picture above: black metal frame with forest-green inlay stripes.

Dream window seat yellow Movisi 2000px

DREAM window seat with mustard yellow upholstery.

Dream window seat grey stripes Movisi 2000px

DREAM window seat with grey upholstery with coloured stripes.

Dream window seat bamboo green Movisi 2000px

DREAM window seat with bamboo green upholstery.


Dream window seat petrol blue Movisi 2000px

DREAM window seat with petrol blue upholstery.

DREAM window seat Fenstersitz Movisi

The window seat tranforms into a desk in a matter of seconds.

 Dream window seat desk detail Movisi w

Technical details


When used as seat (with backrest and cushions):
Max. dimensions of product: Length 141 cm, Width 54 cm, Height 130 cm (removable backrest)
Seating height: approx. 77 cm
Dimensions of seating cushion: L 107 cm, Width 50 cm, thickness 4 cm
Dimensions of backrest cushion: H 52 cm, Width 50 cm, thickness 4 cm

When used as desk (without backrest and cushions):
Max. dimensions of product: Length 141 cm, Width 54 cm, Height 84 cm (top edge of steel frame)
Desk/table top: Length 118 cm, Width 50 cm, working height table top 77 cm

Dimensions DREAM window seat Movisi

Wood finishes: 18mm “Birkoplex” multilayer board with premium oak veneer

Steel frame: powder coated in anthracite or white

Inlay stripes: Acrylic stripes in various colours (22 mm wide stripes that can be changed any time).
Glossy finish: yellow, orange, red, light green, forest green, light blue, deep blue.
Matt finish: white, black

Cover colours: light grey, light grey with stripes, petrol blue, mustard yellow, bamboo green.
Textile: Faux wool: 100% PES, available in various colours.
Martindale: >60.000 cycles. According to DIN EN 14465:2006
Foam: high quality foam with different densities, made in Germany.


Designed by „Trickform“ - the anonymous design alliance.

Designed to add quality to your life.


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Nils Bennett is an illusionist, a trick designer and a dreamer.

He is an expert in directing attention, creating illusions and in problem solving. He supports companies, agencies and artists with the development of apparently impossible illusions and products. 

In collaboration with this creative thinker fascinating new products and presentations arise to inspire customers and spectators likewise.



Nils Bennett is the designer of :