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Room for improvement: Design tips for a home office

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Many of us are in a period of extended working from home. While, at this point, we might have settled into a routine, we can also clearly see room for improvement. If you haven’t already, it’s time to dedicate a space to a home office, to thoughtfully design a space for focussed work. A recent study shows that, once a distraction takes us away from work, it can take us up to 23 minutes to refocus. That’s time we don’t have to lose in this economy ...


Source: A recent study shows that, once a distraction takes us away from work, it can take us up to 23 minutes to refocus.

Create yourself a psychological "focus space"

Minimizing distractions can be as simple as putting your phone out of hearing range and creating a simple room divider to section your home office away from your living space. Flexible room dividers that allow natural light through are less intrusive than walls and screens while still allowing you a psychological “focus space” away from it all. 

room in room system LINK for Smart

LINK can be used in a variety of curved or straight formations to create a sleek, eye-catching room divider that is more art than wall.

white modular walls made with Link modules for mediatheque saint malo      black open walls made with flexible LINK bricks

Save space with smart, multifunctional furniture

With BUILD and U-CUBE, you can design a free-standing room divider that’s also a practical shelf.
Many of us enjoyed ergonomic innovations at a centralized workplace that we are now trying to recreate at home. The recent trend for standing desks is one example. To create a standing desk with MOVISI, U-CUBE modules can be installed freestanding or mounted on the wall to accommodate a laptop at eye level and bluetooth peripherals like a keyboard and mouse at a lower level that promotes the best posture while standing. Follow these simple guidelines from the Mayo Clinic for setting up your ergonomic standing desk. 

modular U-cube system shelving and standing desks for exhibition booths and fairs     area separated with modular furniture cubes to build a room in room

Create a workspace with natural daylight

The modular systems LINKBUILD and U-CUBE, allow natural light through, meaning you can position your desk and room divider in front of a living room window without blocking that illumination from the rest of the room.

Such use of natural light turns out to be essential for sustained productivity. A Cornell study showed that people whose workspace is illuminated with natural light were 56% less drowsy and 51% less likely to experience eyestrain. Consider natural illumination an essential design element for your home, one that MOVISI furniture plays well with.

Make your sitting workspace more comfortable

Some people, including this writer, use an exercise ball as a desk chair. I still have to think about my posture, but I find it much more comfortable than other chairs. It’s easy to adjust a ball’s height and stabilize it a bit with a unit of BUILD or a couple of U-CUBE modules at the base.

Keep your workplace clean

One common source of frustration in any office is overloaded filing cabinets that are difficult to use. Consider an alternative: a feather-weight square of four U-CUBE modules that holds files at the ready, open at the top, by your desk. Or try placing it on castors (such as a rolling plant stand) to easily stow it away beneath your desk.

Light furniture that adapts and moves easily

The universal advantage of MOVISI furniture is this lightness. What’s more ergonomic than flexible, modular furnishings that move as easily as you move? What’s better for you than room dividers that are a joy to look at and that honor natural light?

Your home office is just a few modules away from being its best.


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