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The future office is now

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Many of you are already living a “new typical” where you move from a teleconference to playtime, meal prep, downtime, and back again in the same homescape, in the same day. Movisi furniture moves with you: the feather-weight, multifunctional modules of LINK, BUILD, or U-CUBE can be reformed without tools or hassle and will augment any room with their smooth elegance ...


Smart, transformable and adaptable to different needs in real time

Learning from a pandemic that’s sent us all revamping our lifestyles, design pros are now calling for a future that’s been Movisi’s reality for years, where office furniture is “smart, transformable and adaptable to different needs in real time.” These modern office needs include

  • flexible transitions between work and downtime
  • environmental responsibility
  • ease of hygiene
  • and hassle-free, attractive design.

In this scenario, furnishings should be stylish, comfortable, and lightweight enough to swiftly transition from a workspace to a lounge area or living room. Traditional boundaries of space and function are morphing into a more fluid way of living and working with practical, sustainable decor that flexes with us.


Imagine a room divider with individual shelves that can simply be lifted and transported to another room.
Move from your home office to the kitchen with work files, remove the files and your module is now a load-bearing stool, a durable child’s plaything, an eye-catching bedside table – more than furniture, it’s a living accessory that keeps pace with your own needs and ingenuity.


Sustainability, material efficiency and hygiene

Sustainability and hygiene are also hot points, now and in the future: support a company that operates on fair practice and ecological necessity, living wages and low emissions, using a minimum of materials (95% air, 5% material) which are 100% recyclable. Movisi lives these tenets in flexible forms that are easy to clean and disinfect whenever necessary – simply wipe down units with a soapy cloth. Douse them with the garden hose if you’re so inclined – our furniture has no hardware to rust, no glue to disintegrate, no upholstery to mildew. It’s a product designed for those who care about the environment and ease of use.

Greenpeace nachhaltige mobel Movisi   made in germany movisi     recyclable sustainable furniture Movisi 96             


Being able to adapt on the fly to new environmental, health, and economic conditions is key for modern business

Picture another scenario, where an employer must transition employees from a centralized office space to remote, work-from-home spaces. The easier this transition, the less risk is involved for the company’s bottom line. Movisi can be disassembled and transported at the speed of need. Move employees from a centralized office to multiple remote workspaces in the span of a day, with durable pieces that stand up to transport and reassembly and can be cleaned and disinfected effectively.

Speed of change is key

For current and future remote workers, for businesses seeking to move with the times, easy-care, sustainable, elegant furniture that takes on new functions at the speed of change is key. The future that designers are now forecasting has actually been manufactured here in Germany since 2009. Take part and take apart!


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