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LINKing in: The visual aspects of working in the new age

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When employers hire—especially for long-term positions—they’re looking for skills, yes, but they’re also seeking evidence you have certain personality traits, things like being goal-oriented and proactive. Remote workers have an added chance to make a good impression here; in addition to how they dress, they’ve got a whole home workspace to demonstrate their hirability. Show this in what you say and in how you present yourself on that first remote interview: build a simple, effective home office that reflects your commitment to your job and your ability to follow through, down to the details ...

zoom video conference background backdrop flexible partition wall white room divider for home offices MOvisi furniture    

Modern and stylish Zoom backdrops - alternatives to digital backgrounds

No need for faux digital backdrops for your next Skype or Zoom video calls. MOVISI’s modernist simple to set up modular shelves and divider walls allow you to create a well-illuminated home office area and a modern Zoom backdrop at the same time

Movisi LINK 09 home          Build a temporary room for home office area organic design Movisi

According to Forbes, “employers want to hire people who take responsibility for themselves and the situations they’re in.” If you’re working from home, prove you own it with a LINK room divider or a set of stellar BUILD or U-CUBE wall shelves. After all, there’s nothing that says “goal-oriented and proactive” like a focused workspace.

16 Kubus Regal Mae U Cube Movisi          LINK room in room psychological focus space home office open plan office oranically shaped divider Movisi Kopie   

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t show all aspects of your personality — quite the opposite. That same Forbes article attests to the fact that sharing non-business aspects of ourselves can be just as important in landing a job. Had a band in college? Show your commitment to creativity, your diligence, your goal-oriented follow-through with a gig poster. Invite conversation! You can easily customize a freestanding LINK room divider to showcase wall art with an add-on filler plate. These affix to a LINK construction to provide splashes of color and add some privacy and acoustic buffering, too. Contact us to check out our selection of colors that’ll complement your home décor.

LINK paritition filler golden green yellow coloured privacy screen distancing office Movisi


A room divider that screens your minimalist home office from the rest of your explosively messy bedroom

When it comes to employees being organized, there are different schools of thought. Some believe that creative solution-building needs to be messy, while others think that a certain level of tidiness conveys a solid impression of organized go-getting.
We say, why not start fresh with modular furnishings that can structure your space neatly — furniture that, for once and for all, responds to you?
It’s easier to be tidy with the right tools. If that means a LINK room divider that screens your minimalist home office from the rest of your explosively messy bedroom, then good. That’s a win for you on your next Zoom virtual video meeting.

zoom video conference background backdrop flexible partition wall white room divider for home offices MOvisi furniture


Create a workspace with a professional video conference backdrop 

Now more than ever, remote workers have the chance to influence how they are perceived with the added layer of a digital screen. We’ve all seen the news correspondents reporting from what look like apartment entryways and the late-night hosts operating from an attic. If only they’d known about MOVISI’s LINK room screen… Your self-constructed “image” as a freelancer is especially essential in jobs where you’ll be interacting with the public, but cultivating confidence in your space is a simple thing that can also help you get hired in the first place. Writers, for example, will have to strike the right note between serious and capable and stylishly creative. MOVISI captures just that. Consider giving yourself a corner office in your living room, a nook with an eye-catching third wall of LINK polypropylene and a freestanding U-CUBE shelf in matching white. You’ll feel cool and confident when you LINK in for your next story, or your next job, with MOVISI.

curved walls event furniture backdrops Movisi modular room divider


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