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MOVISI for New, More Flexible Business Models

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As we grow accustomed to a forever altered way of life (goodbye, handshake; hello, face-mask sales), one common theme is: how will work life change and how can responsive companies flourish in the future? Now that more people than ever have at least tasted working from home, how will the best businesses accommodate their potentially changing desires—and the challenges of a new world order? ...


Flexible furniture solutions that can move with your employees

Well, for one thing, in-person collaboration isn’t going away — some people just work best in the heated atmosphere of white-board brainstorming. That said, it will pay to stay in tune with a stay-at-home workforce, to cultivate a flexible labor pool and accompanying office design. This means, for example, that businesses equip themselves with adaptable furnishings and employees who can take their desk home with them and be productive remotely, whenever needed, with little to no disruption of productivity.

A U-CUBE shelving is easily transformed into a flexible office divider screen, meaning that you can create a flexible meeting space whenever needed. U-CUBE is made from a semi-soft, resilient material and allows you to pin sketches and notes directly to the divider walls. So no need for additional bulletin boards.

Flexible furniture solutions for more flexible workspaces

Just picture a multifunctional desk or a shelf made of closed-back BUILD modules in white or black at a centralized office location. Store the necessary binders and files in it until it’s time to relocate to the home office, when each module becomes its own moving box, ready to travel, simple to reassemble at its destination. This type of plan would allow companies to respond to a quarantine or environmental disaster—even to something like mass demonstrations or strikes — rapidly and almost seamlessly. Centralized office one day, satellite offices the next.


Companies can cash in on flexible, versatile furnishings

Companies who outfit remote employees with MOVISI home-office furniture now will immediately reap the rewards of properly equipped, more organized and therefore more productive employees. But, on the other end, they can also cash in on flexible, versatile furnishings that can easily be brought back in to a centralized office when the time is right. At that point, one open-backed BUILD shelf (pictures below) might be used by two collaborating employees, working with desks back-to-back (or front-to-front) with the same files and equipment.


LINK room dividers (picture below) create collaborative pods or more private workspaces, in the same breath, in the same sleek formation:

U-CUBE modules can be converted from storage to seating in a matter of minutes (picture below). 

Flexible office furniture “that adapts as the business needs change can save time, effort and cost

This type of open office space has its detractors, but you can’t knock the savings: open-concept, flexible office spaces are 15% cheaper than traditional offices. We dare say MOVISI is also a fraction of the cost of traditional furnishings, since each piece has the potential functionality of numerous items of furniture. What’s more, flexible office furniture “that adapts as the business needs change can save time, effort and cost by functionally scaling with the growth of the company,” according to this top trade publication. No matter what the reason, “adaptable furniture solutions allow for agile businesses to thrive.”

A future workspace that moves with mobile employees 

Another stellar trend for flexible offices we’re seeing is nesting chairs, seating that’s on hand when needed but can be kept out of the way with minimal footprint. U-CUBE goes one step further: it’s seating you can also transform into a room divider or freestanding bookcase. Plan now for a future workspace that moves with mobile employees and establish your position at the front of the field.
MOVISI is move-easy!


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